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At Webb & Goldsmith Orthodontics, we believe that you should have CHOICES! That’s why we offer a variety of solutions to help you get a life-changing smile. Below, you can learn about the different bracket solutions we offer to get an idea of what you think fits your goals and lifestyle the best...

Empower Self-Ligating Braces

2013 - 2020 Voted "Best Bracket System" by Practicing Orthodontists Across the Country!

Empower brackets allow us to customize treatment to fit your individual needs. Instead of rubber ligatures, these brackets use metal doors that click closed. This allows your appointments to be quicker. We can even add ligatures for patients who want brightly colored braces.

Radiance Plus Cosmetic Braces

Made of sapphire, Radiance brackets they are the most translucent brackets on the market, while also providing significant strength and creating very accurate treatment results. This compromise between metal braces and Invisalign offers an aesthetic option that still gives the doctor complete control of each tooth and allows your treatment to progress quickly.